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Are you a family caregiver in need of a break? Caring for a loved one with a disability or a chronic medical condition can take a toll, both emotionally and financially.

No matter how much you love the person you are caring for, you need regular breaks from family caregiving. Nebraska Lifespan Respite Network provides support and connects family caregivers to respite care that gives you time to re energize physically, mentally and emotionally. Short-term, occasional respite is offered, free of charge, to those who qualify. Respite care not only benefits you, it also benefits the person you are caring for by making you a better caregiver.

How Do I Pay for Respite Services?
Find out more by learning about Lifespan Respite Subsidy

The Eastern region of the Nebraska Lifespan Respite Network recently received an email with the following comments about Respite from parents of a young adult with Special Needs. 

 “…Our hope is that this program will give us the opportunity for a much needed "break" from the 24/7 responsibilities of caring for an adult with special needs.  Our belief is that a short break each month will provide the opportunity to relax and refuel, so that we can be the best parents possible for our daughter.  It will help us to regain our focus on being 100% attentive to her, as there are many times we begin to feel the "burn-out", both physically and emotionally, from being continuously "on call".

This is an excellent description of what Respite is – if you are looking for a brief break from your Caregiving responsibilities please contact the Nebraska Lifespan Respite Network.

Are you interested in learning more about programs and services in Nebraska that may be of assistance to you or your loved one? Request contact from a local Lifespan Respite Network Coordinator.

If the person you are caring for is a Veteran
Respite care is a covered benefit for all veterans who are enrolled in the VA health care system and meet defined requirements. Depending on geographic location and the recipient's preference, care can be provided in the home, in adult day care, or in a VA medical or community living center.

Learn more about Veterans’ Respite Care: Eligibility and Benefits

Visit the VA Caregiver Support Website
or call 855-260-3274

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Nebraska Legislature Caregiving Bills – 2019 Session

Nebraska Family Caregiver Support Lifespan Respite Network brochure

ABCs of Respite: A consumer Guide for Family Caregivers: This updated guide is useful for family caregivers or those who assist them to become familiar with respite, the types of services available, and funding sources. It provides guidance on assessing personal needs for respite; finding, hiring and training respite providers; and links to other useful resources. State Respite Coalitions, State Lifespan Respite Programs, or local agencies and programs, can use the document in caregiver training or public awareness activities by supplementing it with information about their own state resources.

Creating a daily plan can help caregivers and people with Alzheimer's: Daily routines can be helpful for both caregivers and people living with Alzheimer's disease. A planned day allows you to spend less time trying to figure out what to do and more time on activities that provide meaning and enjoyment.

Self-assessments and discussion groups: Complete a self-assessment to locate resources and/or service providers based on your needs or find additional support via disscussion groups.

Resource list for military families

Brochures: We Care for Those Who Care for Others | Even Caregivers of Livestock Need Respite, Too

On Pins and Needles: Caregivers of Adults with Mental Illness: A national study on mental health caregiving conducted with the assistance of NAMI and Mental Health America.

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This project is funded in part through a DHHS ACL Lifespan Respite Integration grant awarded to the NE Department of Health & Human Services, #90LI0008-02-00
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