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The Sandwich Generation: I'm the baloney in the Sandwich Generation

Mandy Sullivan freelance writer/columnist invites you to read about her precarious experiences as a caregiver for multiple generations. So sit back and enjoy a fun read in the only room of the house you can find some peace, even if you have to make a stink to do so! 

The Sandwich Generation: I'm the baloney in the Sandwich Generation

Caregiver Stories from Across Nebraska

Respite coordinators from across Nebraska are sharing stories from family caregivers they work with. Read some here:

Caregiver Story from the Eastern Region

Being There for Mom: My Caregiving Journey

A young woman opens up about becoming her mom's caregiver, including her challenges, motivations, and advice. Read more:

Being There for Mom: My Caregiving Journey

Teresa Talk

After Teresa's husband's tractor accident many years ago, she still asks herself the question that many caregivers do, "Was I up to this?". Caring for her husband has made her stronger and now writes "Teresa Talk" lessons of faith in a cargiver's life. Read her blog here:

MMI Presentation: Caregivers Need Care Too

November 2, 2016

In the Midwest, people don't ask for help.

That's been the experience of Ellen Bennett of the Munroe-Meyer Institute's Respite Across the Lifespan. read more.

ENable Savings Plan

Enable Savings Plan
In December 2014, the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act was signed into law authorizing individuals with disabilities to open tax-exempt savings accounts to save for disability-related expenses without impacting eligibility for resource-based benefits. The Act permits individuals with disabilities to save more than a total of $2,000 in assets (cash, savings, etc.) in their name in a qualifed ABLE account.

For more detailed information and to enroll:

1-844-ENABLE4 |

FAQ: Who is eligible to open an ABLE savings account?
A: Currently, under the Achieving a Better life Experience (ABLE) Act, one criterion used to determine if indivuals are eligible to open an account is if the onset of the disability was before their 26th birthday. (May 2016) Congress is reviewing legislation to increase the age from 26 to 46. The Enable (Nebraska) Savings Plan team supports this age increase. One of the most frequent comments received on eligibility comes from those whose disability occurred after the age of 26. Research shows the first symptoms of multiple sclerosis occur between the ages of 20 and 40. Others talk about injuries they incurred due to car accidents they were in after the age of 26.

Wounded veterans, one of the important groups which the ABLE Act was created for, tell us veterans sufer physical and mental handicaps that begin well past the age of 26. We understand that 26 years old was chose due to the need to minimize the impact on tax losses due to the tax-advantaged nature of an ABLE account. However, these accounts are meant to benefit and provide long-term financial independence for individuals who have a whole life ahead of them. The extension of the age limit to 46 for ABLE accounts is both necessary and significant. We urge you to contact your state's congressional representatiaves, asking them to support the age increase for the ABLE Act. ABLE savings plans will serve as vital financial vehicles for indivuals with disabilities. A person's eligibility should not be so severely limited by his or her age.

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